Travis Maldonado Foundation

Providing No Cost Resources for those struggling with Meth Addiction and Gun Safety Education

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Welcome to the Travis Maldonado Foundation

Travis and I met just over 4 years ago when he came to Oklahoma with a friend looking for a job and to get away from California and a meth addiction. We only worked together 3 weeks before falling in love and starting a new life together.

He told everyone I had saved his life, but really all I did was care and fall in love with the man he was.

People see having drug addiction and other addictions so wrong.  As long as I have been alive and the  wonderful years Travis and I spent together,  you see things most people don’t. The problem is they don’t feel wanted or loved and not a part of the inner circle of society.  So they fall into drugs or other addictions to escape the reality of society and what people do to each other. And often they have been abused physically, mentally or sexually.

Travis was the most amazing free spirit anyone could be around. He never met a stranger because he lived it. He was a stranger to many through the short years of his life and all he wanted was to be truly loved and to make me smile.

We were legally married in 2014. I was never more proud than when I took the name Maldonado as my own.  Travis gave me the strength to become who I am today as I watched him fight the evils of society to become the man he was when he died.

Travis spent the days riding his 4 wheeler,  shooting his guns and spending time with his dogs who were the second biggest thing in his life besides me.

On October 6th, 2017 the dream came to an end when he read on the internet that his gun would not go off without the clip in it.  Joking around, and thinking this was true, he made the biggest mistake of our lives and put the gun to his head in front of others to prove it wouldn’t go off.  But it did, killing him instantly.

One of the hardest things I have ever done in my life was to watch the security footage to see if this was intentional or really an accident. I had to know. He was having fun digging through a secretary’s purse looking for candy, showing the staff his phone and looking at their phones. Travis had read in a police magazine online that this type of gun would not go off without the clip in it. So he takes the clip out. And our lives will never be the same due to misinformation put online, a gun that malfunctioned and a very tragic accident. 

The Travis Maldonado Foundation is being born – not to take gun rights away from anyone but to encourage gun shops to put on free gun safety classes so when someone buys a gun they’ll know how to use it. And to educate gun owners about what will or will not actually happen – no matter what you read online. In addition, the foundation will be to speak out about and aid those seeking help who are struggling with Meth addiction so they may find the help, love, and path Travis found.