Mission Statement

The Travis Maldonado Foundation provides FREE classes to educate gun owners about safety when using their fire arms. Classes are taught by entertainer, and your Libertarian candidate for Oklahoma Governor 2018, Joe Exotic and are designed to cover the basics.

Knowing what your target is and what is in front and behind it, using the proper ammunition for your weapon and never touching the trigger until you are ready to fire are included in Joe’s talks.

In addition, the Travis Maldonado Foundation, provides resource referrals for those struggling with meth addiction. These include a 24/7 hotline (888) 381-7967, counseling, a drug treatment center, important facts about treatment and HOW TO QUIT. Everything is confidential.

Remembering Travis

As a teenager Travis struggled with meth addiction before moving to Oklahoma. With the love and guidance of Joe he was able to kick it. He would go on to learn how to care for and raise the baby tigers in the zoo and really enjoyed playing around and making people laugh.

In 2014 he married his savior, Joe and they enjoyed a nice life together. Travis really loved riding his ATVs, playing with his dogs and shooting his guns. On October 6th, 2017, his young life was cut short by a tragic gun accident.

This tragedy was a result of misinformation published on the internet (on a police website) about the operation of a 45mm pistol. It is Joe’s mission now to educate the public about the dangers of fire arms and the importance of proper handling and maintenance.

He encourages Gun Shop owners to do the same and provide classes as well.