I’m a mother of three. My ex-husband was addicted to drugs and alcohol and was very physically and mentally abusive. The abuse ended up leaving me on social security raising my kids. In 1998 my brakes were cut and I wrecked my car into a semi. Now they’re wanting to do surgery on my c2 through c7 but I’m refusing as I don’t have down time to be laid up.

Both of my sons are very active in sports here in Wynnewood. My daughter is also a single mom of 4 and I watch her kids while she works to support them. I received a HUD voucher that expires this month but no one takes the voucher.

With God’s help I found a landlord that’s willing to try and get HUD to pass the house. I’m currently in a one bedroom with my sons. I don’t have no family or friends to lean on. Tt is just me and my kids. I have trust issues from past abuse that started at a young age. Which is like you ended up with someone dead from a gun – only this one was a coward’s way. At 14, it was detrimental. And like you, I was treated like i was the one in the wrong.

My family told me to my face that I was a murderer because I told the truth. And I suffer from PTSD from it. So when I read your post I understood how you feel and my heart breaks for you. It’s a struggle just to go on every week and being poor makes life rough. I just hope my kids grow up knowing that the Christmases and birthdays that have been slim have all come from my heart.

I was hoping Wynnewood would be a fresh start for my family. Thank you again.